Cory and Anna met for their first date at a, now defunct, restaurant in Camarillo. Cory dug into some pasta, while Anna timidly ate only a salad, as to not look ravenous. After dinner, Anna certainly impressed her new suitor by bowling an impressive score of less than fifty at the local alley and he asked for a second date. Four years (well, technically three point five) of happiness, love and a little fighting later... he proposed.

Knowing Anna's dream of seeing Paul McCartney play live, he just so happened on tickets to see him twice. So, off they headed to Vegas.

After a long day of driving and waiting, he tricked her into wanting crepes at the Paris Hotel. Thus, proposing under the Eiffel Tower shortly before watching Paul McCartney perform. It was a wonderful and romantic experience; a perfect example of their fun love that neither of them will ever forget. Also, Timberlake, so there's that.

While plans keep changing, we've thought of many fanciful or traditional things, but nothing really stuck. We just knew we wanted to make things fun and easy. While this day may be for celebrating our love for each other, we wouldn't be where we are if not for you, our friends and family. So, we've decided on a semi-formal, fun event so we can all share and enjoy this experience together with ease.

Love, Cory and Anna
5:00PM - Ceremony
Cocktail Hour
First Dances
Thank Yous / Food Blessing
Food is Served
F/D and M/S Dances, Toasts
Cake Cutting
Bouquet and Garter Toss
More Dancing!
10:30PM - Departures
*times likely to change due to bridezilla-ing.

Please enter the password found on your RSVP card.

We're both at points in our life where we're pretty comfortable with the things we have. While we may not need this year's toaster model, we're very open to anything you think we'll enjoy!

Most of all, though, we're hoping for donations to our Honeyfund, a list of activities and locations we'll be partaking and visiting on our honeymoon! And for those who are looking for a more traditional brick and mortar store registry, we've also included a list of items through our Target registry.

We don't want you to feel obligated, though! Whether it's presents or presence, you'll be as equally loved.

Disclaimer: We've reserved the fabulous and fanciful Newhall Mansion for our festivities. For those traveling to the venue by car, there is a large, gated parking lot on grounds. As well, we politely request for those departing at night not to take the CA-23 S/Grimes Canyon Rd route as it is rather winding and dangerous. Instead, please use the I-5 South through Santa Clarita. It may make for a longer drive, but is far safer.