Heistland (or How I Went Insane)

So, I started this as a means to an end, to teach myself the basics of video editing and compilation. I have, in the past, created short videos (some of which have gained considerable attention), but those have only ever been as simple as cherry pie, spliced videos with overlaid music as means for emphasis. My background lies in design and that’s just where this project devolved into insanity. I wanted to take the same principles and techniques I followed with the creation of static images and apply them to motion graphics. And, such as the past, I sought out to create an ode to my favorites over at Rooster Teeth.

Problem was… with every edit came a new idea, ad infinitum. I’d figure out something new and apply it to the next until my eyes bled and my fingertips sloughed off. I’ve eaten it up… though, admittedly, it turned into something of a time sink. It’s rough, poorly made and downright ugly at times, there’s countless things to chance and fix. But my child has grown far too old, and I’ve lost all sanity to continue. It’s time to let it out into the world.


Spoilers to follow.

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