Scratch that.

Starting over is hard, though, much easier when you barely progressed in the first place.

I liked my site, I really did. It was a marvelous achievement when I’d finally built itthe slider, the featured posts, the ever changing category headers. It was everything I’d hoped to create, but . . . part of me knew it was too much, too grand. My mind carries with it a certain scale that I always attempt to create, no matter the challenge. So, there it sat, for more than a couple years, unfinished and ugly. It had turned in the Winchester Mystery House of websites with many doors and avenues even I didn’t know where they lead.

Since its meager beginnings I wished to build it up into a community of sorts, I was ambitious; part of me prayed for even a semblance of popularity that just never came. I wanted to log on, post a memorable post, and gleefully read through the dedicated readership leaving comments of praise. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t for a second believe I deserve any sort of notoriety, but there’s been times having a fluid and completed website could have come in handy. Amongst my contributions I created a wedding website that gained popularity throughout my societal circle, as well as pushed out a semi-viral video that sat on the front page of Buzzfeed for about a week, garnering (I believe) around 100,000 views. Both of which being superb times to link back to a decent website to further push my services . . . if only I’d polished and completed it.

With new projects coming to fruition (and the inevitable job search on the horizon) I’ve come to the conclusion it just wouldn’t do. I had to get it done. I had to do something about the case of the blank web pages. Where I focused on the grandiose design before, I’ve decided it best to settle for a more modest look allowing for better content creation. I’ve got high hopes and even bigger dreams, so we’ll see how it goes.

So far, so good.

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